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dancing marathon

no beginning nor end

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*Dancing Days*

Gives a name to artistic and choreographic formats of permanent dancing the choreographer and dancer Stefan Dreher and Loving Lucy are devoting themselves to. As *Dancemarathon Dancing Days* the project meets questions related to this idea in the most concentrated and concrete form.

How long can someone dance? And at what point does everyone get sucked into the dance together? When does it become a lasting state of being, or even a strategy?

Like the legendary dance marathons of the 1920s in the US, Dreher’s ongoing choreography adheres to distinct rules. It makes our concept of measurable time visible.

Here on this webpage some *Dancing Days* are introduced. Besides upcoming performances and workshop dates and material of the first 24hours marathon 9/10 Nov. 2013, videos of the 6 and 12hours formats in Prague (31/05/&16/10/2014) and Antwerp (23/10/2014&20/01/2015) are presented. The lyricist Sabine Fahrenholz has performed parallel to the dancers a 24 and 12hours writing marathon in Munich (9/10 Nov.2013&30/10/2014). These texts can be viewed under “writing”.